Monday, May 14, 2012

Faith's Gotcha' Day!

Hey!  It's Faith's gotcha' day!  What is this you ask?  It's an anniversary  of the day we got her.  5 years.  WOW.  It seems like just yesterday when I picked her up and she pulled my hair.  Wait-that was yesterday.  Okay, when I picked her up for the first time and she pulled my hair.

Oh, the beauties.  Oh, do you want the recipe?  Just make these vanilla cupcakes and the frosting that goes with it except mix in 2 Tbs. Blackberry jelly..

My grandma got me new doilies, cupcake holders, and cupcake fillers.

Does anybody else notice how small she is?  She's 7.  We were going to a wedding the other day, and I had an old flower girl dress from when I was 3, and guess what?  SHE FIT IN IT.  Happy gotcha day Faith!  And I hope you like your 'cupcats'!! (That's how she spell's it)


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