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Girl friends help you in bad times.

You may or may not know, but this past week was our VBS.  Every year, I always find SOMEWAY to embarrass myself.  This year, however, I was going to be different, or so I thought.  I tried to stay totally invisible, but of course, that didn't work.  This morning, in gym, (Which is my favorite class)  we played a game of kick ball.  I wanted to sit out but they made me go.  The first few kicks I did weren't bad, but then, I started falling asleep.  I was so tired because I woke up at five, because I borrowed my sisters alarm clock and it was a couple hours off.  Sooooo.....  If you're a sports person, you know that kick ball is baseball except kicking a ball.  This is the only sport that I am TERRIBLE at.  I mean, not to say I'm good at sports itself, but you get the memo.  Well, when it was our teams turn to stand at the bases and try to catch the hurling balls that the kickers kicked, I somehow got myself thinking I was on the opposite team, and when they kicked the ball, I ran instead of trying to catch it, I knew what I was doing as soon as I hit the second base, but kept running because I wanted to die.  I kept running till I came to a chair, sat down, and wished I had a gun.  I was shaking all over, while the whole class starred at me in confusion, then someone said, "Good job, Kenzie"  And it didn't stop from there.  "What team are you on?"  or afterward, "In kick ball, what team were you on?"  Looks like I'm adding another story to my "Embarrassing list"  But the good thing is, I have girlfriends.  Their the ones that say it's okay, and that it's  nothing to worry about.  My friends that are boys, are most of the time nice, but if ya screw up, you're a nosy dweeb.  So if you're a girl, and have guy friends and no actual friends that are girls, watch your step, and get a friend that's a girl.  A real one, that'll comfort you when you're hurt.

Thanks to Olivia, Anna, and Katelyn!


School....  With Surely English.

School has started there's no doubt, the place where I learn Surely English, where you sing, and shout.  I'm not saying i love it, or hate it, too.  But I'm not looking forward to a song for the 2's.  My teacher even protested, and we all did not want to be TESTED, oh dear it looks like I'm on a start, of Surely English jingles, where you sing and shout.  My friends all groaned, I even heard a shriek, what a devastating thought, we were soon to meet.  But still, I look forward to a year of joy, even though we are going to hear those songs, that we will soon destroy.  Now hear this my friends, and do not regret this, but school has started, and you will remember it.  School has started there's no doubt, the place where I learn Surely English, where you sing, and shout.

Happy school year!


Hi guys, so school has been up and running for a little while now, and so far, I'm loving it.  Some of you may think I'm weird, but don't worry,  you'll find out how insane YOU really are.  In the beginning, I really didn't like it.  Why?  Because I was new to the whole system of going to school.  As you know, I've been home schooled all my life,  (Yeah,  I was one of those weird people, :)) but this year I've been going to Grace school, a nice little Christian school that I've been going to church to since I was a baby.  But anyway, when I first started going, I had some trouble with one of these teachers.  I wasn't sure she really liked me.  On the second day I forgot my homework.  I was a wreck, and after that, in order to NOT forget any books so I couldn't forget any homework, I barely ever used my locker.  So, you can imagine, how big my backpack was.  My shoulders hurt so bad by the end of the day, I even got sick.  But once I started getting used to everything, I used my locker a little more often.  Then one time, when we were waiting for our teacher to open the door for us so we could go in, I was groaning and saying to myself, "This backpack, will be....  the death of me.."  My teacher popped up and said, 
"That's why they made this invention called....  lockers"  So then I started using lockers as much as I can.  In fact, I love my locker.  It helps me so much.


Olivia Schrock said...

Your Welcome Mckenzie,
I wasn't going to let those people be mean to you then just leave you in a chair sad! no that's mean! see you later camp is going to rock!

Sherilyn Miller said...

McKenzie, I just LOVE your blog! Your recipes look delicious, and your photos look just like they belong in a magazine! My daughter Sherilyn, whom you haven't seen in many years, loves to cook, too. Ya'll would have a great time in the kitchen together. Keep up the great work. I look forward to seeing more of your pictures!

Kelli Miller

Luke Alforsat said...

Mckinzie if I was at VBS I'm sure I could Have helped but Unfortunatly I was in Florida. (Should i say unfortunatly? I was after all in Florida) Anywayse not anything to be emberassed about i know i would have made a much bigger problem if it was me and i always have trouble disserning whats going on in Kickball anyway so i avoid the sport all together along with football and dodgeball.

Luke Jobe -(I don't put my name on the internet Because of all the people that would flood my accounts)

Mckenzie-Rose Elkins said...

I know! That's just me! We played kickball at school the other day, and I stood WAY out to the side. A girl even came and asked me, "Are you okay?"

Mckenzie-Rose Elkins said...

P.S. Luke, you spelled my name wrong. :P