Wednesday, March 28, 2012

My Favorite Salad

 I've been wanting to post this salad for a long time now, and this is made up.  But....  IT'S MY FAVORITE SALAD EVER.  Go make  one, it will make your day.

Cut up 1 slice of bread and put it in a pan with a little butter. 

Add some olive juice.  Oooohh.... Man. 

Cut up some chicken and throw it in the pan.

Season with some salt and pepper.  Cook until crispy. 

Fill a bowl with lattice, 

and pour the bread over the top. 

Oh MY!  It's amazing this way, just plain.  Or...... 

Sprinkle with some carrots, 

Grab a couple slices of red bell pepper.... 

Slice them up.... 

And throw them on the salad! 

See how amazing that looks?  It tastes as GOOD AS IT LOOKS.


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