Monday, February 6, 2012

Man breakfast sandwich

Honestly, i did not try this, but my dad and brother ate it with a smile and......  They ate it all.  Usually they don't if they don't like it.  No word, no face, just.... Starve.  Have you ever heard of a sandwich for breakfast?  This is different, but who says different is bad?  OK I know you can all name a couple, but still!  It looked good so, I guess it is!

First, fry some  breakfast patties,

 Then, once you do that, drain most of the grease and pour 6 eggs, 1/4 cup half and half, salt and pepper. The half and half just makes a wonderful addition to the eggs!  Scramble the eggs, and try not to cut them up, it will be better when assembling the sandwich.

Butter a hot griddle, and put in some bread. 

To the toast, butter them and put 3 sausage patties on them,

Half of the eggs,

Some cheese, 

And you can put any kind of cheese!  I used Jalapeno, and Swiss.
At this point, you can put on some grilled Jalapenos, (DO NOT GRILL THEM IF YOU DO NOT HAVE GOOD VENTILATION, IT CAN SEND OUT SOME BAD CHEMICALS.)  but I just didn't because nobody wanted to burn their mouths up in the morning.

Then put it on the burner again to melt the cheese!


P.S. I would love it if any of you could comment on my recipes!  

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olive123 said...

well it sure is a man-wich but i would eat it even though im not a man!