Sunday, February 19, 2012

Faith's Birthday Cake!

(In a British accent)  I had the honer of making Faith's (my sister) cake!  I made a strawberry cake, with butter cream frosting.  Me, being lazy, and going crazy trying to find a strawberry cake, gave up, and bought a mix.  But I made my own frosting!  Butter Cream frosting and strawberry cake are such a wonderful combination don't you think?  We love that strawberry mix though, so I guess it was OK.

 I made some plain butter cream frosting from bakerella

 Frosted that wonderful cake with that wonderful frosting.  And there you have it Faith's cake!

Just kidding!

 I cut and colored some sugar paper in the shape of dog things. Cuz' it's a dog party. see?

Here's my pesky brother Marshall, 

And the Birthday girl, Faith.

I was very happy how the cake turned out, and I could have colored the frosting, but decided not to.  It was perty, and delicious, what else can you ask for?


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