Thursday, February 9, 2012

Banana Blueberry Agave Smoothie

Ohhh.  I told you in one of my other posts how much I LOVE smoothies.  I even made a song about them....  But I will save my dignity and not sing it in front of all of you.  This is good.  This is good.  This is good.  Did I mention this is good?  But this is something more than just good....  It's somethin' special.  Somethin' that I can't say.  Oh by the way, did you hear about the mushroom who walked into a bar? The bartender looked at him and said, "We don't serve you kind here"  The mushroom looked at him and replied, "why not?  I'm a fungi!" Jeze that's funny.  Sorry, I'm corny.  Let's just get on with this shall we?

 You'll need some blueberries...

...Some ice... 

Some milk.  And really you can use plain  yogurt instead of milk, but I ran out of yogurt.

And your going to need some agave,  

 And finally, a sliced, chilled banana.

 To a blender, add about 3 tablespoons of agave,  banana, and about 2 cups of blue berries

 Then add a whole bunch of ice, and a splash of milk.

 Process until smooth.

 I accidentally dripped some, but that will be taken care of.  He he.

 Pour into a beautiful, stemless wine glass.  Gorgeous.

 You can even add some extra blueberries in the smoothie,  the blueberries are a very good treat coated in there own smoothie.  Even more gorgeous!

What is truly beautiful though, is my little sister, Faith who we adopted 4 years ago.  Gosh! does time fly by!

 This is her, just her natural beauty.

 but she can also be quite silly, (she loves to make faces!)

 as well a mischievous.

 But really, she is mostly silly.  We discovered this when she was blowing on a window,  and man, did we have a laugh when we looked up from our school work!

This is Faith pretending to be a model.  She does this constantly. 

What do your children or siblings do that simply make you smile?  Do tell.

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Unknown said...

cute pics of faith!!!! :) she's so sweet!