Thursday, May 24, 2012

Guess What I did?

Looks like a yummy cupcake,  huh?  Well, erm, watch......

Yeeeaah.  I don't think these are the kind of cupcakes you'd chomp down on, but the kind of cupcake you feed to your dog.  That's right, they are DOG TREAT CUPCAKES!!  And, I......  Kinda tricked my next door, neighbors, the Murphy's into eating them, and making them think it was from ANOTHER neighbor, the Hanna's, who's always a good sport.  The whole process was pretty confusing to everybody but me, which made it all the more hilarious!  And if you want to make it for your puppy, or make them as a trick for your family, friends, or people that don't usually laugh, then here is the recipe.  :)
Happy un-April fools day, and Enjoy!

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