Saturday, June 9, 2012

Blackberry Pecan Waffles

I've had a bit of a Waffle crave lately, and apparently, so did my friend, Anna.  She spent the night at my house and knew I make breakfast, and knew I had a blog.  She beeeeeegged (not really, I just like to exaggerate.) me to make breakfast with her, and OF COURSE I said yes.  She said that her family usually makes waffles, or pancakes with blueberries, and crushed up pecans.  I went BERSERK when she told me that.  I went RIGHT away and started making them.  I HOPE you will toooooo.............

Anna grabbed about 1 cup of pecans and chopped them up pretty finally.

I went ahead and just made my Vanilla Cinnamon waffle recipe.

Then I grabbed about 1 cup of blackberries and cup them in half.

Cook them in a waffle maker and fry them until gooolden.  Stack them up hiiiiigh and make your self a challenge!  Thanks Anna for showing me this awesome recipe!


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